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"Rupert" or "Oscar" Paratrooper Dummy Original

This is an original "Rupert" or "Oscar" Paratrooper Dummy. These Paradummies were made popular in the movie "The Longest Day." For a short history of these Paradummies check out this website, - - - - Beyond Paradummies being used in Normandy they were also used in New Guinea during a jump of the 503rd Infantry Regiment. It is believed these were the rubber dummies. In the 1950s, the US Army further developed the "Oscar" paradummy variation. This development led to an easy-to-transport, foldable dummy whose head and boots were made of plaster. The dummies now also wore realistic fabric uniforms. The new type was used during missions in Korea. - - - - During the Vietnam War, the Americans dropped leftover dummies over Vietcong outposts and in their vicinity. This served to lure the North Vietnamese into staged ambushes, where they could be attacked with air power. Other covert operations used blocks of ice instead of dummies, which would melt in the hot Vietnamese weather before Communist forces could arrive. The parachutes would be left and found in the drop zones and lead them to believe that American troops were still operating in the area. The modern American paradummies are made of PVC and look like GI-dummies, but they are larger than the dummies of the 1950s. During the Gulf War, special forces implemented these dummies to distract Iraqi troops. They have also been used in Afghanistan. The Americans also use paradummies during exercises to simulate larger paratrooper invasions. - - - - *Shipping & Handling, we have included the price of shipping & Handling *Domestically* in the overall price of the product. If you are an overseas buyer please contact us before making your payment in order to get a shipping quote.
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