WWII Air Drop Container

Container Assembly, Aerial Delivery, Type A-4, Olive Drab, for miscellaneous supplies – Container Assembly, Aerial Delivery, Type A-4, US Property, 1944 – A-4 Containers are used, since according to FM 31-30 Tactics and Technique of Air-Borne Troops May 20, 1942 … Owing to the difficulties of evacuation, medical supplies must be ample – therefore provision must be made for resupply by air - the Manual further describes the above equipment … Delivery Unit, General Type A-4 consists of a rectangular box-type container (30 x 24 x 12 inches), the duck bag is reinforced by plywood and metal, and is provided with suspension rings and full harness; inside the bag may be placed 2 cardboard or light wooden boxes, or supplies without use of boxes The A-4 Container is used chiefly when there is need for heavy padding to protect fragile equipment e.g. radios and medical supplies. The container carries general equipment for the Squad as well as weapons not jumped by the personnel, and it is also used for extra ammunition. Also the container is use for rations, water, radio parts and similar items, ammunition is also usually carried in the containers … - (Container, Aerial Delivery,
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